SAMSUNG NX100 & 20-50mm lens & flash - £149.99 in UK

Box Includes: Camera body Lens (20-50mm) Flash 4GB SD memory card Camera bag NX pocket guide New from Argos Ebay outlet :

It was £179.99 fo rages.They have dropped it by £30. So tempted to buy as a back up to my nx200. Its just so cheap its crazy.

wow, that's a great deal! time for nx200 to fall in the 200-250 range! the present price difference doesn't justify the performance difference, imho.

It does only ship to UK :((( I'm in France and I can't order it, that is very frustrating me.

Is there any option to order it to France? I'm really excited to get it for that price as a back-up camera.

They are still selling only to UK! It is not fair for those who are in neighbor European countries. It is like a teasing the lion with a meat!

Just wanted to say thanks for noticing this - an NX100 is now mine! I've been looking for an excuse to get a new camera, potentially to replace my GX-20 (D300s or K-5), but this price convinced me to try a CSC/MILC as a more portable alternative. Also found a 30mm very cheap (£90), so far this combination seems as good as the GX-20 with Pentax 43 Limited (at a lot less outlay) which is saying something. Thanks again!

Can anyone tell me the total package weight? I'm not in UK but could try to order it via package forwarding service, over 1kg the added cost is 18£ and over 2kg it's 23£. Still a great deal, camera with kit lens alone is 320£ where I live.

I guess its total weight is 1.5kg max. How you would like to order if they don't ship outside of the UK? Can you share with your tips? I want to order it to France. Thanks

Amazon lists 1.1kg for body+lenses package, flash package sold separately is 0,5kg and then you also have the bag and the book. I'm guessing it will be over 2kg. I would order via local service that gives you postal address in UK and then forwards the package to your address. It was popular when Iphone couldn't be bought in our county so people here used this service. After quick google search I found this service that offers the same service for many countries, including France I'm sure there are more, you could probably check some local resources to find one that is best suitable for ordering to France.

Thank you for your advise! 188 pounds on Amazon is a little bit more than one sold on ebay for 149 pounds by Argos outlet, but it is still an excellent bargain. I sold my Samsung NX gear and bought NEX-5n with kit lens. And now I understand how much pocketable and fun was NX100+30mm. I'll definitely grab one if I find a good deal like one on ebay (I can't understand too restrictive shipping policy of Argos outlet, that's a shame).

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