Ode to a 30mm lens

IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231852423517.jpg) I have four lenses for my NX100, each with their own specialty. The 30mm pancake, however, is increasingly my go-to lens. Not earth shattering news in this forum, but when I look back at the pictures I've taken in the last few months, no other lens offers the winning combination of size, speed and focal length. Without it, I would have missed out on capturing a lot of memories. So I'll share a few examples, and encourage you to do the same...

IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231852443520.jpg) The only lens I took on a hiking trip since we were in the woods on a cloudy day, and I had a 35 pound child strapped to my back. Fast enough lens that I could shoot, hand held, at reasonable ISO, with a wiggly kid rigidly attached to my body. IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231852463523.jpg) See above... IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231852473526.jpg) See above again. A quiet little shot given the conditions. IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231852493529.jpg) Here's the little nipper, hanging on tight! IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231852513531.jpg) Visiting with friends... IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231852533533.jpg) A day at the museum. IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231852553536.jpg) Mid-century Modern architecture tour, late on a cloudy afternoon. IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231852573537.jpg) Compact companion for a lunchtime walkabout. Here, used as a light meter and test shot for an 80-year-old 6x12 camera. IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231852593538.jpg) Making moody images of friends at our dimly lit high school reunion. IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853013539.jpg) IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853023540.jpg) 4am at Waffle House. Sorry for all the pics, but it's just been everywhere with me lately. Plenty more at my flickr photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sixfootzero/ I try to always tag the lens in every picture, so it should be easy to group my shots by the glass I used...

Good post - enjoyed your shots with the 30mm; it is hard to top that lens.


Nicely capture! cheers for the 30mm, that's the main reason i'm still sticking with NX system

It's a nice focal length at which to see, isn't it? Love the waterfall shot. http://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelbarkowski/tags/samsungnx30mmf20/

thanks for posting .......ditto on that lens.....

A few more from last weekend: IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853073542.jpg) IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853093543.jpg) IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853113544.jpg) IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853133545.jpg) IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853163549.jpg)

I have followed your work for a wee while and even tho I have no expertise for comment your images have taken giant leaps forward.You are blessed by a support team second to none and your image quality does it proud. james morgan

That's very nice of you to say! As you said, I am blessed with fantastic support team, and I'm thrilled to have a pool of models in-house.

I really look forward to getting this lens.

Bryan M wrote: I really look forward to getting this lens.
I look forward to seeing what you do with it! A couple more: IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853193550.jpg) IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853213552.jpg) IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853233554.jpg) Also, a bit of obscure optical trivia: The focal length and depth of field are a close match with my 1935-ish Kodak Junior medium format camera. I use the NX100 to meter shots, and take a test shot to compare with the film image. It turns out the Kodak's 126mm focal length, adjusted for crop factor, is about 44mm, while the 30mm f/2 is 46mm. Close. Also, because of the crop factor, the Kodak's depth of field at f/6.3 is within 1/3 stop of the 30mm wide open. So, to get a reasonable simulation of shooting with the 6x12 Kodak, I just do the math to get the right aperture settings, then crop my digital image to a 1:2 aspect ratio! Example: (Film version has been sent off for developing...) IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853263557.jpg)

Just a few wide shots with the 30mm.....this is about as simple as it gets....and as we all know, the "whole shoot-in match" fits right into the pocket of my jacket... ? IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853303561.jpg) ? IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853323564.jpg) ? IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853353566.jpg) ? IMAGE(http://dpzen.com/dpzattaches/dpzattachesi//201409231853383569.jpg)

I love the light in your second shot. I don't know what to say about the coffee shop! Cool shot, and what a plant that must be! Thanks for posting!

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