Manual focus with Samsung NX10/11 or 100

Or.. NX5! I know, most ppl dont even know it exists.. So question is, anyone tried and failed or suceeded with manual focus on these cams? I read somewhere it has 2x zoom in EVF which supposedly isnt that great. I know newer cams are probably far better in this, but they are not far better in terms of image quality (or maybe they are, but in different way and look).

The 2x magnification applies to EVF and rear screen, whichever is active. Originally it only worked when using Samsung's own af lenses in manual focus mode. However Samsung very quickly issued a firmware update that made the 2x magniffication available with adapted lenses just by pressing the ok button. I have an nx10 and don't think a higher magnification than 2x would be much help without also increasing the viewfinder resolution (which of course they did for the nx20). Even so, i have no difficulty manual focusing the nx10 with or without 2x magnification. I wear spectacles and even with them my eyesight is poor but I think the difficulty of manual focus with nx cameras and adapted lenses has been overstated. It is not that hard. The image below was taken with an NX10 and Super-Takumar 55mm f1.8. The aperture is not recorded in the exif when using adapted lenses so I can't say for sure but I think this was at f4. Focus was on the whiskers and nose. ? IMAGE( Super-Takumar 55mm f1.8 on NX10 manual focus

Editing time ran out while I was adding to the above post. This is a 100% crop from the original of the previous pic.? IMAGE( 100% crop. Click the "gallery page" link and select original to see full size of 800 x 600. Note the loose hair sitting on her nose. Is that sharp enough?

?Not easy with NX10. A trick I use is to focus overexposed then close diaphragm 1 or 2 step just before shooting so it increase the DOF. you can have the green bar also with the NX11 and NX100. Here are some exemples I took with manual lenses and my NX10 : ?samyang 8 mm fish eye IMAGE( IMAGE( IMAGE(

Hm.. NX11 has green bar like NX200?

I use the FA bar (green bar). Once you learn how to use it, it works very well. Manual focus with older lenses is actually quite easy with the NX100 or 11, a lot faster and more intuitive than say my Olympus EP-2, which requires at least 2 button presses every time you want to focus.

Mescalamba wrote: Hm.. NX11 has green bar like NX200?
Yes, the NX11 offers a choice of 2 focus-assist modes:
  • Green bar (also known as 'Focus Aid', or just 'FA')
  • 2X enlarge
may happen). I find the FA mode takes some practice to do well, but I'm slowly getting better.focus-shiftWhen shooting with the Rokkor lens (ie. legacy glass), I usually like FA mode, with lens wide-open for an intentionally shallow DOF. Having dialled-in focus, I then stop-down to desired aperture (bearing in mind that some button to initiate 2X enlargement. Many thanks to whoever posted this little gem on the forum!!! Anyway, I like 2X mode, and can manage one more button-press.OKThe other option is 2X enlarge mode, and I find this 2X mode more intuitive and satisfying. But there's one (minor) snag; with legacy-glass you have to press Both modes work though

I knew what green bar is, just wasnt aware NX11 had it. Thank you very much for that info (sad that NX10 doesnt ). Otherwise, FA is same as AF in camera, just you turn focusing ring, not camera. You could say its focus peaking, just we dont see that "peaking" part (camera does).

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