Make no bones

I feel I must contact your letters pages as I have two bones to pick! Firstly I note the letter from Nigel Sawyer regarding his issue with his Nikon D750's faulty shutter. While it seems that Nigel may finally have an inconvenient but free fix, historically Nikon has been slow to man-up to quality-control issues. The D600's oily spots come to mind - it required a US Class Action to get Nikon to admit the issue. Cameras and lenses are not cheap and Nikon should, as soon as an error is known, publicize and fix it free of charge. N-Photo is not without criticism here. As an (independent?) Nikon magazine, you owe it to your readers to publish issues and encourage Nikon to fix them.      
On to the Mini Test of photo jackets in the same issue. How many fit my 52-inch chest? Not many, I bet. And it's a review with restatement of manufacturers' blurb rather than a test; this would establish breathability and water penetration against manufacturers' figures. Stating jackets as “usable for years” is supposition and cannot be verified in a short-term test.  

Ian Peter Douglas, Plymouth

We took the photo jackets on shoots and gave them a soaking 

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